Our courses are designed with practical procedures in mind. They are easy to follow in practical term step by step. They are written by business people in the field with more than twenty years of practical experience in enterprise. The courses come with the full email support. The support covers any extra explanations on any of the subjects or units. The courses are designed on three diferrent Modules: Business Management skills, Business marketing, and Business operation

Business management skills

Business management skills is a course for business owners, business manager, and self employed. The course is structured into eight different units:

Introduction to small business structure, Personal analysis, Company legal structure, Finance and Accounts, Finance and Human Resources, Market Analysis, Forecasting Techniques, Business Plan and Business Strategy.

Business marketing

Business Marketing is a course for both business start ups as well as established businesses. The course is designed to structure the business marketing plan and its strategy step by step. The course consists of seven units:

Introduction to marketing, Understand the product (or services), Apply principle of pricing, Analyse customer needs and product (or services), Analyse customer needs and product (or services), Understand promotions, Marketing records keeping, Practical exercises, Marketing plan, Public speaking (stand and deliver).

Business Operation

Business Operation is a course for both business start ups as well as established businesses. The course is designed to plan, design and implement the day-to-day business activities. Manage and controle the flow of business operation task after task in a flow-chart manner. The course consists of eight units:

Business operation flow-chart, Monitoring business activities, Slaes management, Products and services development, Technology management, Tasks operation cycle, Delivery of products/services, Customer satisfaction and feedback.

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