Testimonial 2

Dear Semo,

Good afternoon. I spoke with you lately, regarding Increasing Personal Effectiveness for me and my staff, and I am more than happy to state that this is one of the most highly received support and ranks above expectation than any others previous training. We had the opportunity to learn our Behaviour Style as well as others that you with on a consistent basis. We evaluate each support we had from your company for ROI (Return On Investment) and I must tell you the results of your personal development coaching are impeccable.

I am able now to measure my return on investment with these services we bought from you, through positive feedback and persons continually asking me to offer it more often. It deals with the work and family life balance and raises the awareness factor for each participant. It also covered communication issues, making everyone accountable for their own actions and so forth with clients and colleagues.

Michelle Malam

Co Founder and MD